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The Story of MEI & CO

It’s tough having small wrists and fingers. I get it. You find the perfect bracelet or ring, only to try it on and find that it’s too big. After experiencing this struggle over and over again, I decided to create MEI & CO so that those of us with small wrists and fingers aren’t forgotten when it comes to finding quality, everyday jewelry pieces.

MEI (pronounced “may”) is the third character in my Chinese name. Phonetically, it can be translated to mean “beauty” or “everyone.” That’s where the “CO” comes in, where this is a brand co-created with you, the small & mighty community. 

In each bracelet and ring collection, there are curated pieces meant to be versatile enough to be worn on their own or layered to complement your unique individual style. When new pieces are added to the collection, I want them to be pieces that this community will love. 

When I started creating MEI & CO in 2019, I knew I wanted this brand to be for the dreamers and doers. I wanted to encourage those with big dreams to take risks, walk the unconventional path, and believe that nothing is impossible.

So, welcome to MEI & CO. And as a jewelry brand created for the small and mighty, I want to encourage and inspire you to beinvincible

Mary | Founder

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